Rent a bicycle and start your adventure at our convenient Columbus store

You can choose to reserve your bike using our online rental form.  Or walk in anytime during our business hours to rent your bike.  You’ll be set up in no time and equipped to ride through beautiful San Francisco and beyond!

Once you get going, you’ll be amazed by the variety of views, vistas and vantage points as you cycle your way across the city.  Golden Gate park is a popular and particularly stunning bike haven. Bicycle to and through this spectacular park,  designed by Frederick L. Olmsted.  Once you enter, you’ll have many choices of beautiful garden views and interesting activities.  You’ll see the following sites and miles of  individual gardens and noteworthy spots of interest:

  • the Conservatory of Flowers
  • the Botanical Garden
  • the Japanese Garden
  • the De Young Museum
  • the Conservatory of Science Museum

As  you cycle through the park and crisscross along various paths you’re bound to ride by:

  • the Aids memorial Grove
  • the buffalo preserve
  • the old Polo Field and paddock
  • the Speedway Meadows – home of the close to 2 decades – Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival .

Finally at the end of the park, 4.8 miles – east to west, lies the glorious Pacific Ocean where surfers brave the tumultuous mix of rip tides.   If you time your bike ride just right, a beautiful Pacific Ocean sunset awaits you!